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Types de crises

Am I in crisis?

A crisis is like a violent manifestation of a feeling, of a state of mind (sadness, anger, suicidal ideas, despair) and occurring in an unpredictable way.

It is a moment when everything seems to be out of our control and we have the feeling that nothing is going well and will never go well again. However, a crisis comes suddenly but is always temporary.

We are here to help you through your crisis.

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The three types of crisis are

Definitions from Crisis Intervention Training in the 24/7 Environment from RESICQ.


A psychosocial crisis is related to an unexpected life situation that is deemed threatening and that destabilizes a person and jeopardizes their living conditions. Nature: significant loss, death, transition.


A psychotraumatic crisis is precipitated by a sudden, arbitrary and violent event of unprecedented severity. A threat and a terror reaction or helplessness are usually present. Nature: Assault, disaster, accident.

Psychopathological crisis

The psychopathological crisis is precipitated by the presence of individual vulnerabilities and the accumulation of interpersonal and social difficulties, often caused by a mental health problem. Nature: Event initiated due to a mental health disorder.

Our clients

Any adult 16 years of age or older who is experiencing a crisis. We welcome men, women, or any other gender identity, regardless of their economic, social, cultural, religious background or origin, and living a situation of significant distress.

Community resources

In order to receive the people who ask for help where they are in their lives, according to their particular needs, partnerships within the community where they live are essential for a response that will bear fruit in the short, medium and long term. The WICC relies on several partners to accomplish its mission.

Do the self-evaluation

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