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For people living in difficult
or crisis situations

Humane approach


Variety of services

I need help

Are you a person living an unbearably difficult situation or crisis?

Call or chat at any time with a responder ready to listen and help you.

I am worried about a loved one

Are you extremely worried about a loved one? Do you feel the situation is urgent?

Call or chat at any time with a responder ready to listen and help you.

I am a community resource

If you are a stakeholder, an organization working in the West Island, we can support you with people living in crisis situations.

To discuss collaborating or a particular project, write to us.

514 684-6160

About us

Founded in 1987, the West Island Crisis Centre responds to the needs of adults in situational crisis, emotional distress, or adjustment crisis, suicidal or not, as well as their loved ones.

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Do you have suicidal thoughts ?

514 684-6160

What is a crisis?

The Oxford Dictionary defines a crisis as “a time of great danger, difficulty or doubt when problems (sadness, anger, suicidal ideation, despair) must be solved or important decisions must be made”. It is a moment when everything seems to be out of our control and we have the feeling that nothing is going well and will never go well again.

However, a crisis comes suddenly but is always temporary.

We are here to help you through the crisis.

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